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Computational Experiences
Are Made By Those Who
Know How To Speak Machine

Watch The 2020 CX Report In 13½ Minutes

If your customer experience feels like your org chart, that means you’re successfully running at scale. As a business (and as a human), the more important thing is to consider the implications of “the other CX”: Computational Experiences. They’re powered by Moore’s Law, they’re made by the few who know how to speak machine, and as humanity accelerates towards a “Kardashev 5” scale of digital transformation we should be both excited and terrified.

This version is a super-condensed summary of the CX Report. You can watch the 82-minute extended version delivered LIVE over here.
  • The Internet has become exactly what Bowie predicted in 1999.
  • Computational thinking is the new systems thinking for business.
  • Digital marketing loops spin way faster than digital product loops can spin.
  • The 4th Industrial Revolution has invisible smoke stacks everywhere.
  • Silicon Valley is people and not just robots. We tire. Machines don’t.
  • Nobody’s in charge of customer experience because everyone is.
  • Your Employee Experience (EX) is what makes your CX human. Literally.
  • What’s experience? It’s a try-out, an experiment, and it can be perilous.
  • If we all speak machine, then we can all avoid Big Tech’s blunders.
  • Computational experiences are made by those who know how to speak machine.

Silicon Valley is people and not just robots. We tire. Machines don’t.

— John Maeda, Bloomberg Technology May 8, 2020

Or If You Have 83 Minutes

This went live on May 22, 2020 with roughly 300 people attending live from around the world. It’s my 1st such LIVE YouTube experiment and when I compare it to presenting live at SXSW, I still miss seeing the faces of all the people — I guess I’m a little old-fashioned. That said, I certainly appreciated not having to travel through throngs of SXSW-ers …
  • What kind of tooling differentiates the marketing tech stack and the product tech stack?
  • How do you speak machine? And how does that change product development?
  • Tech companies excel at Light, Ethical, Accessible, and Dataful experiences, or “LEAD.”
  • Why do we need to consider Society Centered Design and Responsible Innovation today?
  • Is the speed of digital transformation correlated with gender pay gap imbalances?

Learn more about the 2020 CX Report here, or the new How To Speak Machine book here.

Book Recommendations For Speaking Machine

There’s a few books I recommend in the report directly, or implicitly. Here’s the list of books in the order that they appear in my video.

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John Maeda: Technologist and product experience leader that bridges business, engineering, design via working inclusively. Happily working at Everbridge☁️ :+).

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