Design Is Cooling Down. Or Is It Not?

Since the publication of the last #DesignInTech Report at SXSW, our world’s seen a lot of change. So I’m wondering if the big surge we saw for design in the last few years in the tech industry is a sustaining phenomenon, or whether it has simply morphed into something else — or else it’s simply cooled down.

So, we’ve expanded the general contributor survey for the 2017 #DesignInTech Report to include queries created specifically for independent contractors and folks who are working in agencies (vs just tech companies). And we hope to find out whether design is cooling down, or still simmering hot, or maybe it’s experiencing some sort of phase change.

Let’s find out!

If you’d like to contribute to the 2017 report, please spend 7 minutes on this quick Typeform by EOD Friday, February 24 to join us as a contributor:

Thank you! — JM



John Maeda: Technologist and product experience leader that bridges business, engineering, design via working inclusively. Happily working at Everbridge☁️ :+).

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John Maeda