The 2018 #DesignInTech quick survey is underway with contributors from Australia, Brazil, The Netherlands, Germany, Canada, Ireland, Japan, France, Italy, India, UK, Thailand, Austria, Korea, China and it appears to be growing. Oh yes, the US is in there too.

Given that this is the 4th year of the report, I’m doing things a little differently. The good news is that Fatimah Kabba is going to be the designer again this year. And Jackie Xu is on board too. So definitely the main elements will remain the same. But this year we’re going to improve the accessibility of the report — and it’s going to have a little more spice in it as well.

For example, I think my favorite question from this year’s survey is:

Sample 🔥responses thus far: “Dissolve groups, revolve work, level out your moods.” / “Teach me the business.” / “Be Trust-worthy and Trust me.”

In case you missed the 2017 #DesignInTech Report, the key observations were:

  • Design isn’t just about beauty; it’s about market relevance and meaningful results.
  • At top business schools, design thinking is moving into the curriculum — driven by market demand.
  • Both McKinsey & Co and IBM have recently made appointments at their most senior levels for designers.
  • Adopting an inclusive design approach expands a tech product’s total addressable market.
  • Computational designers remain in demand at technology companies of all sizes and maturity levels.
  • Chinese design in tech principles and practices are leading the world, but are often overlooked.
  • Design tool companies and design community platforms occupy new positions of value for tech.
  • Voice- and chat-based interfaces are grounded in mental models that don’t require a visual representation.

But this is now already known and in the past. Ideally the upcoming 2018 report will let us look a little into the future.

Please share the survey with your designer friends so that the information that’s gathered will increase in statistical significance. The results will be shared at SXSW 2018 in Austin, Texas in March. Thank you! —JM

PS The survey link is:

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John Maeda: Technologist and product experience leader that bridges business, engineering, design via working inclusively. Happily working at Everbridge☁️ :+).

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