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For the past three years I’ve read many “Moving On” posts here on Medium from folks I admire in the technology world. Things keep on moving in the tech world — super fast. Watching the extraordinary arc of Megan Quinn, Jason Mayden, Elizabeth Weil, Scott Belsky, and their moving-ons has been simply breathtaking.

Well, thanks to what I’ve gotten to learn about the startup universe from my esteemed partners at the exceptional venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers — and especially from Mike Abbott and Bing Gordon — I realized there was really no place to go to “move on” to, but to simply go deeper.

So from today (8/18) I will remain as Strategic Advisor at KPCB and jump deep into the startup universe to join one. To find where I’m going, just search for, or more simply or

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John Maeda: Technologist and product experience leader that bridges business, engineering, design via working inclusively. Happily working at Everbridge☁️ :+).

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