#ResilienceTech Briefing / July 2002

John Maeda
2 min readJul 14, 2022
The word adversity and the word resilience at play with each other.

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Four Things That I’m Thinking About #ResilienceTech

  • The root causes of all resilience challenges come from two places: 1/ the climate, and 2/ us. And whether or not we like to acknowledge it, the climate’s on us.
  • That said when we the people of the earth own the fact that we’ve materially impacted our planet and choose to do something … then humanity’s got a fighting chance.
  • But there are forces at play in our global community — again rooted in we the people — that set up “us vs others” situations that take our attention away from our planet.
  • So until we adopt world peace and heal our planet together as a species, technologies that enable greater security and safety are at the core of how to become more resilient.

Three Things I’ve Noticed In The Last 30 Days

  • Gun violence is becoming more noticeable globally. In 2019 the WEF estimated there are over 1Bn guns: 84.9% owned by civilians, 2.2% owned by law enforcement, and 12.9% by the military.
  • Wildfires are trending on the European continent with record heat waves — because the hotter it gets, the drier it gets. And that’s the perfect conditions for a wildfire.
  • Hurricanes are being projected to get worse this year due to unusually cooler La Niñas compared with past La Niña events. La Niña is the periodic cooling of the Pacific Ocean.

Two Unsolicited Non-Tech Products That I ❤

  • The Skin Deep has {THE AND} card games to explore both SFW and mildly NSFW relationships.
  • Nike’s FlyEase line introduces a myriad of ways to put your shoes on with zero hassle.

One Special Link

One Final Point

  • The late computing and arts pioneer Red Burns (1925–2013) used to say, “Organizations prefer clarity, certainty, perfection. Human beings are ambiguous, uncertain, imperfect.” Red made this point in the context of how organizations don’t like to take risks, but artists seek to be individuals who do take risks. So although we are the common source of the problems that humanity faces, we’re also the uncommonly likely force by which the world can get made right again. And until that day comes, we must be resilient.
John Maeda

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