#ResilienceTech Briefing / June 2022

John Maeda
2 min readJun 28, 2022

Four Things That I’m Thinking About #ResilienceTech

  • Time is embodied in every notable moment of our lives by acknowledging what happens 1/ “before” 2/ “during” or 3/ “after” the event.
  • Bad things can unexpectedly “happen to us” when we lack preparation for an event. That’s because we ignored the “before” phase.
  • Traditionally, #ResilienceTech has centered around the “during” and “after” phases — or responding/recovering to/from an event.
  • Rapid advances in AI/ML and the growing availability of data from past events means a shift in #ResilienceTech to “before” the event.

Three Things I’ve Noticed In The Last 30 Days

  • As North America segues into hurricane, wildfire, drought, tornado, and flooding season there’s an uptick in climate change press.
  • But given other major events reported in the press including war, jobs, inflation, gun violence — the earth falls back into the noise.
  • The resurfacing of scientist Carl Sagan’s 1985 climate testimony to the U.S. Congress means his love for the “pale blue dot” lives strong.

Two Unsolicited Non-Tech Products That I ❤

  • Vasa Mihich’s cast acrylic cubes and polygonal sculptures are more fun for me than NFTs.
  • Orbitkey’s new ID card holder makes working on-site feel a little newer and better.

One Special Link

One Final Point

  • Management guru Roger Martin’s point on how in strategy “what counts is what would have to be true — not what is true” is useful to keep in mind as you and your organization seek to become more resilient. Keep thinking about what could happen “before” it happens; instead of just waiting for the “during” and “after” phases to take you down.
John Maeda

John Maeda: Technologist and product experience leader that bridges business, engineering, design via working inclusively. Currently VP Design and A.I. at MSFT.