Risky Business: Weighing both threats and opportunities is the key

Ever since I moved into the resilience world to work on all-things-pandemic, I’ve been dusting off all of my old crisis management books.

When something unexpected happens, our so-called “fight or flight” response makes it awfully hard to think straight.

The phases of a crisis in the upcoming SXSW 2021 CX Report: Safety Eats The World™️

One example of a common resilience technology is All-Wheel Drive (AWD) in automobiles — when it snows heavily, you can always go to the store to get your toothpaste, whereas your neighbor without AWD might need to stay home with bad breath.

From the 2021 CX.Report

“A ship in harbor is safe. But that’s not what ships are for.”

The 2021 CX Report is now live.

About the 2021 CX Report for SXSW

John Maeda: Technologist and product experience leader that bridges business, engineering, design via working inclusively. Happily working at Everbridge☁️ :+).

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