September #DesignInTech Briefing

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From the September #DesignInTech Monthly Briefing

Three Things That I’m Thinking About Design In Tech

  • Design tools for individuals are fully figured out on the computer, and they’re priced reasonably. But design tools for teams are still up for grabs — especially when considering the definition of a team.
  • When teaming with developers or product managers or marketing teams or content strategists or executives, and even other designers, the single winner for the right kind of design tooling has not been resolved.
  • Scaling design the way that developers have been able to do with cvs/svn/git/etc is not the solution. The co-ownership of experience beyond design, with precise direction and coordination, is. And look out for AI.

Two Unsolicited Non-Tech Products That I ❤

  • Shattell chocolate from Peru has the most distinctive cacao flavor I’ve ever experienced.
  • Commercial Electric 4-ft LED shop lights are the affordable way to light a green screen.

One Special Link

One Final Point

  • My colleague Alexis Lloyd says it best, “One could argue that the best workflow management tool is whatever everyone can actually decide to use consistently and adapt to their team’s needs.” This will be true when AI joins your team, too.

Written by

John Maeda: Technologist and product experience leader that bridges business, engineering, design via working inclusively. Happily working at Everbridge☁️ :+).

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