Working with JSON in Flutter While Using json_annotations and json_serializable Modules in 2022

John Maeda
4 min readApr 24, 2022

How to use Flutter/Dart’s magical ways to convert JSON data into usable structures so that you can get unstuck — and get going.

Illustration by Midjourney engine

Why are you here?

You have read tons of Medium posts and watched plenty of YouTube videos and still feel a little confused. Along the way, you found various ways to convert JSON into Dart code magically. But … it doesn’t work quite right.

This is the best converter out there, but it’s not perfect. But it does a great job of locating the general ENUMs you might want to use … and also the rough data structure you’ll want to have going forward.

Let’s do this

Follow along in 5-ish steps:

  1. Add three modules to your project from the command-line:

unix% flutter pub add json_serializable

unix% flutter pub add json_annotation

unix% flutter pub add build_runner

and then adjust your pubspec.yaml file by moving two of the entries underneath dev_dependencies to look like so:

Move the two packages you added below “dev_dependencies” and you’re good to go!



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